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An examination of software and programs that promise to bring you “real visitors” to your site and whether or not it is a good SEO strategy to use them.

You have probably heard of programs that advertise bringing 10,000 real visitors to your web site. These types of programs are usually sold places like Clickbank and promise to bring live people to view your site. These programs usually cost between $80 and $180 and advertise themselves as being the one stop advertising center delivers targeted traffic to your URL with just a few clicks. The problem with this tactic is that the traffic is not targeted. This means that all this kind of software will do is bring you untargeted traffic.

The reason this does not work that well in terms of being an SEO strategy is that the web site traffic is not sourced from the usual pop under or pop over sites but instead garnered from a huge network of domains. A good example of one of these large monster networks is Advertise to Millions. There are some programs that differ in this regard. You have to search for the ones that will bring you truly targeted traffic.

There is no doubt that this type of software is sleek and works well. When someone types key words to do a search in a search engine, the results that will be displayed will be from the huge network. There is a huge choice of categories to put your keywords to as well. The topics, services and businesses covered usually include: Automotive, Flowers, Software, DVDs, Vitamins, Health, Business Opportunities, Lottery Gift Items, Jewelry, Web Site Hosting, Mortgage, Finance, Beauty, Music, Casino and much, much more. When the surfer clicks on the listing for the network, he or she is redirected to your domain. This type software also includes a “real time” statistics panel that shows you valued information about just how much targeted traffic you are receiving and at what time of day. This means you can view the progress of your targeted traffic campaign at any time.


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