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Here are two great traffic sources - 1 free and 1 paid!

I use the free one every day and it works every time I use it! All you need to do is to click 10 links and can then email 5000 members and your ad will be shown instantly for 5000 members! You can do that every 24 hours!

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The paid one is very cool and responsive and I use this one every time I launch a new product and I always get sign ups and/or sales!

It's a solo ad site and the cost for one solo ad is only $20 and your solo ad will be send to 180.000+ members and they guarantee that you will get a minimum of 2000 clicks on every sending (I always get a lot more) Best of all, they guarantee that you will get sales too!

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- I highly recommend using them both, - use the free one every day and the paid one when you have an offer you really need subscribers for or to make a few quick sales!

Another way to get FREE traffic we recommend THIS ONE (works GREAT with splash-pages!)

NOTE: "Free SEO Tools" only recommend traffic sources that works, so you can be sure that the tools on our site all works great!


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