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Small Fortune With $7 Products

How to Make A Small Fortune with Tiny Little $7 Products

The Internet has changed. Back in the day, the "rule of thumb" was you made high priced, high ticket, complex products.

The logic was simple - It's easier to get 10 people to buy a $197 product than to get 197 people to buy a $10 product.

Whoa, have times changed…

Myth - It's just as easy to create and sell a high ticket item as a low ticket item. Fact - Low ticket products are easier to sell (you need about 750 words of copy) and take much less time to create.

Another huge benefit is buyer leads. On average, someone who buys something... even a tiny little $7 report... is worth to you about 10-15 times as much as someone who just signs up to get a free report.

Get it? You can get PAID to build a list. What's easier? Getting 1000 people to sign up for a free list? Or getting 75 people to buy a little $7 product?

The second scenario is much easier.

So that's WHY you should do it. Now let's get into the HOW. One Problem, One Solution Here's something of value: having all the answers in one easy to reference report. It doesn't mean that information has to be groundbreaking, innovate, fresh, new or amazing. If you create nothing more than a guide that has all the good stuff in it... organized in an easy to understand way... and that people can reference...

That's EASILY worth $7.

More to the point - it's easier for you to do research and create a little product. Without any experts either…

Here's how it's done.

Rule 1 - All $7 products must have a step by step system.

Rule 2 - All $7 products must focus on one very specific problem... with ONE solution.

Let's take some examples. is one of the most popular Internet marketing forums on the net.

Here's how this would apply to little $7 products. Let's visit the main forum and see if we can find one specific problem. Immediately one thing pops out... "What’s the quickest way to generate traffic?"

There are 58 replies in that one THREAD as of the time of this writing. Hmmm... Getting any ideas yet? Couldn't you create a little $7 report with “The 3 Quickest Ways to Get Traffic"? Or even better... "The Three Quickest FREE Ways to Get Traffic."


You get the idea. What about research? Well start in THAT thread. Also do a search in that forum for past archives about how to generate traffic. Make some notes. Create a step by step outline.

It doesn't matter so much if you personally have gotten results with these methods. It's just that it's going to be a step by step plan that makes sense because of what your research has told you. In this case you can make three such plans to give them a few options.

That is worth $7 to have. Easily.

These little $7 reports should be no longer than 10 pages or so. So you can get right to the point. Jump right into it. Come right out with the step by step. And that's it.

More Ideas

There are posts that pop up all the time on Warrior forum for WordPress stuff.

So here's what you do. You do a "search" in the forum for anything related to WordPress. And see what questions come up over and over and over again. Then you create a report. Each short chapter is an answer to a major problem people keep asking over and over again. Pick 7 to 10 of these. Answer each one in a page or two. That's it.

You're done.

Again, it's just a well researched report. But it has huge value because people are begging for the answers.

Here's another idea for a little $7 report - the topic is Ezine Articles.

This is a hot topic because people know that Ezine Articles is the best place to submit articles for traffic. So you can create a little 10 page report that shows them the 5 best ways to exploit

Ezine Articles for traffic and profit.

First you go on a little research excursion and make a list of all the stuff you can find related to Ezine Articles. Pick what seem to be the best tips, write up a 2 page step by step action plan for each tip... when you're done you have your $7 product.

And this is just one forum in one niche. Sheesh, the possibilities are endless!

Writing the Sales Copy

Here's what I love about little $7 products. It takes a very short sales letter to sell these products!

This isn't rocket science, but it does work.

The Hidden Money

One of the coolest ways to make money with these $7 reports is to give away 100% commissions. You can use a program like PaysPree to set it up so that an affiliate gets instantly paid into their PayPal account 100% of the $7 sale.

Why would you go and do that? Are you crazy? Only like a fox… See, affiliates love instant commissions, like PaysPree provides. Second, you have to mess with NO payouts yourself since it handles the payouts for you.

Third - they are building your buyers list for you. It's that simple.

On the backend, all you would have to do is promote affiliate products all day long and you will make a killing... because the quality of your list would be so high.

At the same time, you could always create more $7 products and sell them directly yourself to your list that affiliates have created for you.

Fourth, what about an upsell?

You can give affiliates 100% commission on the front end, and keep 100% of the "one time offer" that you offer after someone buys your little $7 report.

Get it? These are great little products that can easily be made viral. And if you create enough of these (it's real easy to do one a week) in no time you'll have all these different income streams with all kinds of traffic coming to them and you literally just sit back and watch in amazement as you get paid to build your list.

Then the sky is the limit from there…

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