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Search Engine Submission is basically a pain in the rear end. I am sorry to be so blunt but really to get your business into the search engines it either costs you a fortune in time or money.

So is it really worth submitting your website to the search engines? Too right it is. I run a number of businesses and for the last 4 years I have been using search engine submission to increase my business turnover globally. This is how I know it works.

For the 1st few months I had my websites submitted to the search engines every single month religiously. I noted as the time progressed so did my Google ranking and my global sales. Then I decided to stop. This was a silly move because what happened was my competitors muscled in on my ranking and as my ranking declined so did my global sales.

Of course I began having my sites submitted to the search engines again. Gradually my businesses were climbing the rankings and I found my sites continuously in the top 3-4 pages of Google.

Marketing your site takes more than sending a few ads to get people to your site. The most common way people find their way to your site is through search engines. We submit your ad to 20 popular search engines.

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