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What Do You Need Before You Start?

Don't worry, you don't need any starting capital.

You don't need any experience, even a 10 year old kid can make money from PTC.

You don't need to spend all day on your PC, only an hour to get some nice traffic to your PTC account.

So what is it that you need?

You only need 4 things to start your online PTC empire:

1. You need a internet connection.

2. You need a valid email address.

3. You need a Paypal or Payza account to receive your money from the PTC site.

4. And last thing you need is a bank account to deposit your profits.

If you got that, then you are ready to dominate the PTC sites.

Signing Up To The PTC Site

There are thousands of PTC sites that you can chose from. Some of them are scams and some of them are legit.

From the payment proof that you saw on the landing page, you can see that I was using NEOBUX.COM as my PTC cash generator site.

You can sign up to NEOBUX.COM s ince they are on of the biggest and well known PTC site on the internet today.

I am still getting some nice payments from them till this day, and I highly recommend you to try them out!

Just remember to sign up to a site that has some history and some good comments or reviews on the net.

Everyday there is a new PTC site that promises even $10 per click.

Don't buy this BS and go for the trusted and well known sites and you will make money in no time at all.

Now let me show you the site that I use as my top cash generator today.


This site is my top choice in the PTC industry.

With $10 signup bonus, 2 cents per click and 2 – tier referral program, its a winner for me. The payout is $25 but don't worry, you will make it in no time.

If you promote your referral link as you should, HITS4PAY.COM w ill be your favorite site on the internet, because he will make you a lot of money.

So go ahead and signup for HITS4PAY.COM account.

Use your real details and address and you should get your account approved in a couple of hours to maximum 24 hours.

Now lets start to promote the hell out of our referral link.

Method 1: Forum Domination

This is one of the easiest and profitable methods to get targeted visitors to your referral link!

Millions of people visit forums everyday, and we have to grab their attention.

Forums are a real goldmine if done right, and we can get started in just a few minutes and see our first referrals today!

So how do we use forums as a weapon?

First of all, we gotta find a PTC related forum, where we can find a lot of people that are new to PTC and would love to make some coin.

There are thousands of PTC forums in all over the world and you have to get yourself on some of them. So what you gonna do is to use Google as your saver and to find the forums. Just type in: “PTC forums' or “PTC + forum” and you will get a huge list of PTC forums that you can start using for building your PTC empire.

After you found some forums and joined them, make you profile and start browsing the forum. Get to know it a little, the top members, the biggest section with the biggest traffic and the type of posts that gets the the biggest attention from the members.

After you get to know the forum, make some posts to boost your post count. And when you feel you are ready to get some referrals to your account, go to your profile and create a signature link with your referral link. Make your signature user friendly and nice looking, and try to have words that grab attention so you can get a lot of hits to your signature.

Signatures like: HITS4PAY.COM best PTC site will NOT work!

Signatures like: The fastest way to PTC Domination will work!!

Then all you have to do is to post some quality posts to show your self as an expert and make people trust you and desire to be an expert as you are. This will bring you a lot of highly targeted hits to your signature link and you will get referrals every time.

To find some quality and relevant posts all you gotta do is to leach good posts from one forum and make sure that its not posted on the other forum. Then you just tweak it a little to make it unique, and post it as your own creation.

Now thing of this, from every quality post or tread that you make, you should get at least 100 – 200 viewers, and %80 of the time its even more then 300 viewers and I also had some situations where I got 1,000's of unique viewers to my thread!

So from the view that you get, don't you think at least %10 of the people will find your signature interesting and click on it??

And don't you think that at least %30 - %40 of the people who click on your link will also signup and start making you money on autopilot? Well I assure you that this will be the case EVERY TIME!! as long as you do everything right. And believe me that %10 clicks is far from what you can get in some cases.

If you do this right you can get hundreds of referrals every week, making you tons of autopilot cash. So by creating quality posts and making your self a small expert, you will get all the attention and interest that you need, to build you PTC empire and to have a real PTC Domination!

Hot Tip:

From my testing I found that with PTC you can also promote your link on forums that are not PTC related. You see, PTC is the easiest money someone can make on the internet, and everyday tons of people like gamers, sports fans, music & movie lovers and even adult content seekers are browsing the internet without knowing that they can make a few coins for free on the net.

Your job is to find this people!

Now, this is a more of a win or lose situation, because in some places you will find people that don't care about money and stuff like that and you will lose your time on them.

But in other cases, you can find people that do not have a clue about the possibility to make money online from PTC, ad they will join as your referrals, why? Because every extra dollar that you can make is good! And this people will want and need it. In some cases they can send you a than you email for letting them know about PTC.

Method 2: Articles Domination

This is a method that will bring you referrals in the long term. Not only you can get referrals the same day you post and article, but you can also get referrals even after a year of posting an article!

Article marketing is so powerful and you can make a full time income even by only doing article marketing. So how I do article marketing the fast and easy way without spending hours of writing unique content?

I use the same method that I showed you on the Forum Domination method. I leach some quality post and I tweak them a little and then I combine them into 1 article! This is my strategy and it provides me great results everyday. I try to make some eye catching headlines like: People claim to make $5k a month with “YOUR SITE”, is that true?

Another headline: Full time income from just browsing the net! Then use you main keywords, like PTC, PTC site that you promote, paid to click, money online, income from home, get paid to and etc.

Use the keywords in your article ad try to have them on more then 2-3 times or else it will look like your spamming your article.

By having some highly targeted keywords in your article, this will get your article more views and also rank you high on Google for the key phrases and provide you with high quality traffic for a long time.

Just make a couple of unique and quality PTC related articles everyday and submit them to the biggest article directory in the world: This site alone gets a few millions of readers every single day, and you an be sure that there is a place for your articles as well.

I highly recommend you to try article marketing, and to submit to several article directories and even look for some local directories in your language if you are not an English native speaker, just like me.


This method is not for people who want to have the fastest results that they can have. This is for people who want to make a small effort, and to profit from it on the long run. Make sure you know what you are looking for and what is your goal, bad decisions will effect your entire process.

Method 3: Chat Domination

Now this is an easy and fun method!!!!!

Note: some people can find this method unethical, so I want to clear out that its up to you if you want to use it, you do not have to and you can still make a great income without it.

Now, lets get back to the method.

If you cant make at least10 referrals an hour, you should just quit. This method alone got me more then 300 referrals in just 1 weekend!

This is a real lazy ass method.

People that go to chat sites to chat are the most buried people in the WORLD. They don't have anything else to do so they look for some virtual company or something like that.

This people are easy to convince that you sometimes find your self thinking : this is to easy. All you have to do is to go to a big chat site like :

And others that you can find on Google, and also local chat sites. Now that you know where you want to chat and get referrals, what you need to do is to think on how you gonna approach all this chat people.

Saying Hi and then submitting your ref link will not work. What you have to do is to break the ice with the person that you chat, and then send him the link with instructions.

It shouldn't take you more then 3 – 4 minutes per person to get a good referral. And if you can handle multiple conversations then its even better cause you will get a lot more referrals without the need to chat for hours.

Let me show you my approach when I chat with someone.

First of all, I always try to be the first one to say “Hi”. After they say Hi back I send them a message asking for: ASL?? ( age, sex, location ) I send them this message before they send the same message to me, so I can know whats their gender and age and pretend myself to someone that they will like to chat with.

Like , If I get a response saying its a 22 years old guy, I claim that I am a 21 year old female. This works GREAT.

Its proven that people like to chat with the opposite gender and that also share the same age or close to it.

Note: do not feel like you are scamming them or something like that. Every person that joins you from the chat site, is someone who probably needs some extra money as well, so you are helping him out not scamming him. So all you gotta do is break the ice between both of you, then its just up to you what to say and when to give them the link.

What I like to do is to ask for what they do right now, cause %99 of them will ask you the same question back, and then I say something like:

“I am chatting with you right now and making a few bucks just from browsing some interesting sites”

Then every time I get this reaction:

“WOW, really?, How?, can I do that as well?” And there you have an easy referral.

And from my testings, this type of referrals sometimes are even better then the referrals that you can get from other places, cause this are bored people that will love to make a few more coins and have no problem click on ads while they chat.

Now this method can really build you an empire of referrals in no time! Even an hour a day, can get you 10-20 referrals depending on your typing speed. And if you only focus on that, then I am sure that within 2 month you will have at least $50 per day on autopilot!

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