Protect Your Clickbank ID

How to protect your Clickbank ID and make more online sales!

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Below is a simple copy-paste code you can use to protect your Clickbank ID from commissions thieves when trying to make sales from Clickbank affiliate sites!

You need a domain and a hosting account in order to use this code or you can use a FREE hosting account which always comes with a free sub-domain - just do a Google search for "free hosting account"

All you have to do is to create an "index page" in the hosting account and copy the code below and paste into your new created page - replace all the words in red with your Clickbank affiliate page info (the site you want to advertise)

That's it..

Now just advertise your newly create website URL or subdomain url, - no one will be able to see that this is a Clickbank page as your own website URL will show up in the address bar on the computer!

Using this method will prevent people from buying from thier own affiliate link - you can use this method with any affiliate link you want, not only Clickbank!

So instead of advertising an affiliate link like this: your link will look like this: and this link will stay remain in the address bar!


                         <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type" />

                         <title>WEBSITE TITLE</title><meta content="WEBSITE DESCRIBTION" name="description" />

                         <meta content="KEYWORDS (separated with commas)" name="keywords" />

                         <meta content="follow" name="robots" /><meta content="7 days" name="revisit-after" />

                         <meta content="Global" name="distribution" />


                         <frameset><frame src="WEBSITE URL"></frameset></html>

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