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Opt-In Email Submitter

Please follow these directions when you submit an ad. Failure to follow our simple directions will result in our staff deleting your ads from the queue. Ad submissions that violate our rules are discarded without notice. It's very important that you take the time to read the directions and follow them to the letter.

1. Never use the same subject line more than once per day.

2. Keep your ads short, simple and to the point.

3. Don't use non-alphanumeric characters (* = + & #)

4. All ads must be written in english.

5. Do not use deceptive or misleading subject lines.

6. Do not promote items that are illegal or offensive.

7. Never share your login information with other people.

8. Never use ad submitters to promote ad submitters.

Here are a few tips and tricks to increase your ad campaign sales. Using these tips and tricks is not necessary, however we have found that when they are used more people read the ads and respond better to the offers in those emails.

1. Promote easy to read web pages. Nobody wants to read a novel.

2. Avoid using music and/or voices on your web pages.

3. Avoid using excessive pop-ups. Never exceed more than one per sales page.

4. Avoid using all caps (CAPS) in your ads. The majority of readers aren't blind. 

There are a total of 376.000+ double opt-in emails that are loaded into the system, all english speaking, general audience leads. You can send your ad to the submitter once every 12 hours.

Use the form below to send your ad to all leads:

 Enter a SUBJECT line below that doesn't exceed 50 characters:


Insert your WEBSITE ADDRESS and DON'T use spaces:


 The BODY of your ad can have up to 10,000 characters:



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