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Email List Cleaner

When you Download Free Daily Leads you get 1000+ fresh opt-in leads with a lot of informations such as name, address, IP, date, etc. along with the email addresses. Many of us just need the email addresses only and skip all the other infos!

Here is a great tool you can use if you need the email addresses only! And it works like this:

Download the daily leads HERE

Copy it all...

Go to the 'List Cleaner' and paste the whole thing into the big box saying: "Paste here the text that contains the e-mails that you want to extract"

Type in the security code in the box on the right side and click on 'EXTRACT E-MAILS'

All the email addresses will appear in the box saying: "The extracted e-mails will appear here"

That's it, - now you have the email addresses only!

If you don't know how to use all the emails and need to know how to send a mass email - click here!

Access The List Cleaner Here

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