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In next 20 minutes, I will show you how to make massive traffic to your websites or links. My method is so easy, because you’re gonna use a traffic software (free tool) let’s named it “The Kiss Of The Dragon Method” (KoTD)

First, you’ll need to download the software from internet, you can get the link below, BUT before you download it, I want to explain you how the program works, and tell you what you have to know all about it.

This KoTD software only works on Windows system, but if you want to run it on Mac, you’ll need an additional program to install. Just Google it “how to run windows program on Mac”

You’ll need a good internet connection to make sure the program run well and give you the best result.

The program will automatically set running as windows starting, so if you want to delete program from your computer, you’ll need to remove it from your start-up list in Msconfig setting and after that you can delete it from its folder. The KoTD software is stand alone program, so you don’t need to install it on your system, just run it.

The Program is connected to the large traffic network on internet. This program will generate random traffic, it’s not targeted traffic. This is real traffic.

And you only need about 5 minutes to set it up and wait for about 10 minutes before traffic party begin, after that You can Watch Your Traffic Party Live on your analytic or tracker (such as Google analytic or

Now You can download it below…

The last thing before download…

If you are using AVG antivirus, you have to pay an attention on this :

The AVG antivirus is not friendly to this software (Only AVG, It works good for other antivirus). I have received several reports from some users, that the AVG antivirus detect program as a Thread.

Program has unknown command (module) to AVG antivirus. So, if you experience this case, You need to turn off your AVG antivirus and run the program after that… this program is clear… it won’t harm you computer Or… You can change the antivirus on your computer.

I recommend you to keep your antivirus ON because this software will connected to the large traffic network on internet. So if you have AVG, I recommend you to change it with others. Or you can run this software on other computer without AVG.

Download the KoTD software

Direct download from Mediafire : Click Here (Zip password : kotd2012)

Let’s Do it Baby…

After you download the zip file, extract it and then run jingling.exe (KoTD Software). Don’t worry about the Chinese interface, I will show you how exactly to operate it well.

Please look at the main interface below, the number of allowed links are different for each area, you may only allow to add 2 URLs but sometimes system allow you to add 5 URLs. In my case it allow me to add 4 URLS.

Main interface

Add Your Websites / Links …

To add any website URLs or link, you can push “Add Button” on KoTD main interface. Please see the image below… Is that an Add Button ??? who cares!! LOL.

Hit on Add button

Add Your Websites / Links … Part II

Right after you hit on add button, you will see new entry form, please look at the image below… You have to enter your URL into the text box (it must be full URL with http:// or You won’t get the traffic) and after it you can hit OK button

Add you URL in to the box and click OK

After OK button the program will be back to the main interface with your URL in it. And OK button just let the party starts!! Yes… you will get your unlimited traffic immediately.

The Party Has Begun…

As you can see the number of allowed link turn to 1/4. It means I’ve added one URL into the program, and I only allowed to add 3 more URL. You can also remove the URL and add new one (I will explain it later). Allowed Link means the number of URL you can run at the same time with the system.

The Blue Bar indicate the number of visitors today, BUT it’s not accurate. To get real number of your web visitors you should see it on your tracker or you analytic. I always use as my tracker.. it gives me accurate number.

Add More OR Stop Party…

You can add more URL into the program, Just Repeat it as you add your 1st URL. In my case I can add 4 URL (Please look at the image below)

I’ve added 4 URL into the program

Add More OR Stop Party… Part II

You can stop traffic for each URLs by clicking the “Start/Stop” Text on the program (see image below)

After you hit the text you’ll see the Confirmation Box, just hit OK button, or you can cancel it if you change your mind…

You can start traffic again by clicking at the same text on the program main interface.

Remove The URL…

You can easily remove any URL from the program by clicking “Remove” text on the program (please see image below)

After you hit the “Remove” text you’ll see the Confirmation Box, just hit OK Button, repeat this step to remove other URL if you want it. After removal you can add new URL into the program, it’s easy huh??

Area / Geo Setting…

By default program will give you traffic from Asian Countries, mostly from Chinese. But you can set it to generate traffic from World Wide Countries. Please follow this instruction (see image below)

Click on that “Geo Setting” text, and you will see new window to set the program (please see the image below)

Area / Geo Setting… Part II

There are 4 (Four) GEO options on this KoTD software, as you can see on the image, there’s a default selection. But to get World Wide Traffic, you can choose the 4th Option. After that click OK button. If you see a Confirmation Box Just hit OK buddy…

Kiss of The Dragon…

There are some features that I haven’t explained, but you’ve got the most important features from Kiss of The Dragon Software… I hope this method can help your online business.

The Kiss Of The Dragon software bring you random traffic, sometimes it may NOT give any conversion, That’s why you’ll need to be creative to monetize this traffic. Honestly, It’s not high quality traffic. But it’s still good.

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