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Free High PR GOV Backlinks

All internet marketers knows the importance of  Gov, Org and Edu backlinks and also knows that one Government or Organisation backlink is better than 1000 unwanted low quality backlinks to our website. No doubt it's very difficult to find dofollow EDU or GOV backlinks for our website. In this short step-step instruction, I want to give you 7 high PR do-follow Gov backlinks list which will boost your website traffic Search Engine rankings. I got these backlinks by doing lots of search in Google and many other social media sites. And I want to clear out why I am giving only 7 do-follow Government backlinks!

If more Gov or Org websites are given, some people may do spam, this leads to loss of backlinks that I have made for many websites. So, at least one Gov or Org backlink is best for the website, thought to give 7 top do-follow with high PR.

Please Note: 1 Gov or edu backlink is equal to 20 ordinary backlinks and I will give you 7 high PR backlinks which will boost your website traffic and improve your SEO .

Here is a List Of 7 Free High PR Do-follow GOV backlinks  for blogs or websites:

1: Now, Copy and paste the above list into a Notepad File, then Replace "" with your own website URL, - now you have your GOV backlinks!

2. Go to:, copy the url's again and click the "Mass Ping" button, wait for a confirmation message.

3. Now go to: and repeat the last step, here you will also need to add keyword and enter captcha code

4. Now go to:, you already know the routine… click the "Rapid Index" button.

That's it - you now got 7 HIGH PR GOV backlinks pointing to your website!

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