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If you've never advertised, or even heard of an ezine before, listen up!

Ezines are "email delivered" magazines, there are thousands of them on every subject and topic you can imagine. From Marketing to Horseback riding, there's 1000's of ezine's out there with 1000's of subscribers who are all eager to receive them.

Typically they are published every week or month, and when they go out--boy do they get read!

Unlike a web page, or banner ad, ezines are filled with useful content, tips, and articles which their readers are eager to receive.

They are delivered to each subscriber via email. Unlike SPAM, which nobody wants or likes, people look forward to, and READ ezines!

Inside these ezines are a number of ads. The ads are scattered throughout the content of the ezine. Now, what if that little ad was YOUR ad! In front of 1000's of those targeted subscribers!

That my friend is the Pure Power of targeted ezine advertising, and it can generate more clicks and orders for your product than you ever thought possible. It's unlike any other format you've probably been trying--and it works!

I've been advertising in ezines for years, making 800% returns and more, and it only takes me a few minutes a day.

Posting to Ezines is one of best ways to build free backlinks to your website, however it can be a very time consuming task. With our easy to use Ezine submitter we have permission to submit to 15 directories.

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