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If you've been struggling with targeted traffic to your website, things are about to get way easier for you. You've built tons of backlinks to your site... But, still no better rankings... no traffic...  Nothing seems to work? Because, 99% of marketers are missing the Secret Elements... ;) Here's a Fully-Automated SEO and Traffic service that  will drive massive targeted hungry buyers to any niche.  Period.

So what makes this so special? Summarized features below:

Let me emphasize again, it's 100% on auto-pilot. Nothing to learn... simply enter your site's url.

Semantic Keywords Analysis - Ranking your site - Fully Automated 

Over hundreds of semantic keywords (primary to secondary keywords) will be generated based on your submitted seed keyword. Newly found - keywords will be grouped into different tiers based on their search volumes and competitions. Grouped into easiest to rank on most major search engines(Tier 1 KWs) to highly competitive keywords (Tier 3 KWs).

Most SEO companies would charge high dollars for this process, as it involves real human intervention at times. Automated software could not be as effective. 

Creating a Network of Relevant Content - Off-Site 100s of highly relevant content and optimized landing pages based on Tier 1 Keywords are generated manually by the team. Generated pages hosted on a diversification of servers across the globe will be submitted to major search engine for ranking.

Industry Focused Authority Backlinks and Sitewide Links Diversification According to your niche, the team will start creating mini relevant network  of blogs on different servers across the globe with diversified semantic keywords backlinks to different pages of client's website. (Via Dripfeed process).

Ongoing Growth of Contextual, Relevant Authority Backlinks: Via dripfeed, TrafficRex team will continue to monitor client's site performance and continue to build relevant backlinks to your website.

Market Trends Monitoring and Optimization Analyzing what's currently trending in your niche and create relevant trending content that drives massive targeted traffic to your website.

Tapping on Trends... 

The Trends Monitoring Team will ongoingly monitor new potential traffic from trending topics, seasonal searches, emerging new brands, and news relevant to your niche. 

It's all about working smarter.

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