The $8.45 Per Click Affiliate System

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Most people work at a job getting paid by the hour. There is nothing wrong with that, but the problem is if you stop working you stop making money.

The same applies for most Internet affiliate programs. You refer a buyer, get a commission payment, and then you're done. What you are about to discover is something 99 percent of your competitors never will. The best affiliate program I have found, after trying more than a thousand of them during the last couple decades, that pays residual commission payments forever, even if you stop promoting their service

Many Internet marketers dream of the "Internet Lifestyle" where they make a promotion, it runs on autopilot, and forever earns them money while they lounge on the beach sipping their favorite drink.The affiliate program this report is about is for AWeber ( I am writing this in November 2014 and I have made $58,443.93 as an AWeber affiliate. And counting. According to AWeber's affiliate portal I am now making $8.45 per click or visitor. AWeber is a US company based in Pennsylvania which started in 1998. Although its product is commonly referred to as an autoresponder, for our purposes it really is a digital communications tool giving meaning to the full company name: AWeber Communications.

This report is not about using AWeber's autoresponder to automate your money making offers to a list. You can do that - and should do that. You should also be signing up for an AWeber account so you can talk intelligently about the service . But that this report is really about is about being an affiliate of AWeber and making money from other people and companies who use the service for their business - whether it be an physical business, a major company, a mom and pop shop, or an Internet lifestyle dream. As far as we are concerned the money is the same.

AWeber pays its affiliates a 30 percent, recurring, lifetime commission. This means if X refers Y to AWeber and Y spends $10 this month, then AWeber will pay X $3. If Y spends $10 next month then X is paid another $3. If Y spends $10 the month after that, then X is paid another $3. If Y really starts growing her list and starts spending $200 per month, then X starts making $60 per month in commissions. Most Internet marketers have probably looked for programs paying lifetime commissions, especially when they first start out. I did. I tried them all and still look for them. Today, most are shady IM related products with limited appeal (the IM community is fairly small) and they tend to flame out quickly.

In my experience, AWeber is the best overall program for lifetime commissions. It pays a good commission, pays every month, and pays forever. Assume it takes 100 clicks to make one sale. Using the numbers in our prior example, for the one sale after four months X has made $69. That is 69 cents per click. As X keeps referring more sales, and the residual monthly commissions continue, the amount made per click will continue to increase. That is how I am now up to $8.45 per click. It is like compounding interest - one of the great mathematically proven ways to make money.

Another benefit of AWeber is that once someone subscribes they tend to stay subscribed. I have found IMers tend to drop off after a few months. But those who are successful, or have a business, may stay subscribed for years.

Literally forever. As an affiliate you will keep earning commissions from that one sale forever.

It is a great deal.

It is much better than a typical web hosting affiliate program. Website hosting is another similar online service that is recurring, clients tend to stay, and you would think commissions would be wonderful. For major web hosts they are not. A company may pay a $65 flat rate referral fee, assuming the customer stays subscribed for a minimum number of months, and then go on to make hundreds or thousands of dollars from the customer. As an affiliate you never make another dime, and every month that goes by the affiliate's commission as a percentage of total earnings from the customer goes down.

Is it any wonder affiliates put little effort into their promotions and flit from program to program? There are also other autoresponder / email services besides AWeber. I have tried many of them. Not only am I a believer in AWeber's service, the product converts better than others and more commissions can be earned. At least that is my experience.

There is more information you will find useful in promoting AWeber at

Make sure you check it out!

Now, lets compare the numbers to a typical affiliate program like Amazon. If you refer a customer who purchases a $100 product on Amazon, and you make a 5% commission, you have earned $5. And that's it. Next month (or even the next week due to the 24-hour Amazon cookie) you earn nothing more from the customer. Not even if the customer buys $5000 more products from Amazon. This is why recurring commissions are so value. It is passive income you make month after month without doing any more work.

The most common affiliate promotion that may first come to mind is a review / comparison site. Every affiliate should do reviews and there is nothing wrong with this strategy. It is more competitive since it is what first comes to mind. The keywords to target are easy:


aweber review

aweber comparison

autoresponder review

autoresponder comparison

aweber versus getresponse

Plus plurals, such as autoresponder reviews.

I am not going to dwell on review sites because I think they are obvious.

There are three steps:

1. Review

2. Compare

3. Recommend

It also helps if you are completely truthful, provide good information, and try to provide the best recommendations for your readers. That disqualifies umpteen thousand bogus ClickBank affiliate sites, and piss-poor affiliates for other programs, offering fraudulent "reviews" solely to try and get a commission. So many Internet marketers wonder why they can never make a dime, but it is obvious. First, their site is spammy and anyone with half-a-brain can see what is going on. Second, they are promoting garbage products. Third, since they have never used the products their "reviews" are so general as to be worthless. This is why many "review sites" consist of nothing more than a copy of the merchant's website it took the "reviewer" a couple seconds to copy and paste.

Don't do that.

It's a waste of time.

Programs like AWeber have free to very low cost initial offers to get you hooked into their monthly service, so there is no reason you cannot provide a personal review with your own graphics so support why you are recommending the product.

In the interest of being completely open about a product, AWeber has its blemishes. While affiliate commissions are paid monthly, for whatever reason the time of the month can vary. A check may come early in the month. It may come near the end of the next month. Sometimes this means two checks are arriving close together. Other times it means you're wondering where is my check since it has been a month-and-a-half since one arrived. There has also apparently been an at least one hack where emails were obtained.

Some marketers have complained of accounts being closed without notice because email messages were promoting certain domains associated with spam or other nefarious activity. If you search online you can find plenty of reviews, good and bad, which you can use to supplement your analysis and review site. The point is every company and every product has good and not-so good reviews online. If there are comments online you think may affect someone's decision to buy a product you are reviewing, make sure you address them. There is no sense only mentioning "the good" if "the bad" is costing you referrals (aka money).

For example, you could note the following to turn around one of these issues:

AWeber is a leader in protecting its users email deliverability from possible problems caused by other users. For instance, if another user is sending emails promoting links to a known spam site AWeber will quickly shut them down so that other AWeber uses cannot be tainted. Other services may not have the capability to know what is being promoted using their service, even if the illegal content does not appear in the text of the email. This is one way AWeber is able to deliver superior deliverability rates and is trusted by web hosts worldwide.

How to Quickly Create a Great Review Site

Visit 1o to 20 sites for each keyword you are targeting. The easiest way to find them will be using a search engine. I recommend and then These days Google is garbage, although it indexes faster. Unless I am looking for a current news story I avoid Big G and you should too. Take notes of things you see and ideas that you can use and make better.

(Note: don't be a complete idiot and copy another site. Aside from the significant legal risk from copyright infringement, duplicate content is not going to rank well or long-time, if ever. If you are just going to copy and paste stop now, save yourself some grief and time, and head over to the fast food job fair.)

Ask yourself if the review is convincing or not - and why. Then address that issue in your own review.

You want your site to be:

- Easier to use.

- Have more content per page.

- More visually appealing.

- More trustworthy.

In other words, you want to attract links, referrals, and searches of your name which will lead to high search engine rankings.

Here are hundreds of keyword ideas to get you started. I obtained these from Keyword Sniper Pro, which is one of my favorite programs for quickly finding useful keyword terms, phrases and ideas I would not have thought of on my own.

Many IM related review pages are junk that never make a dime. This is what you need to do to write a profitable affiliate review: How to Write an Affiliate Review

1. Unique Content

Your page must pass 100 percent clean when analyzed through Copyscape. ( Not because you spun some text, but because you wrote the review in your own words using your own personal knowledge. This will give it a better chance of getting a good search ranking.

2. Not a Regurgitated Merchant Page

An amazing number of affiliate marketers spend about 30 seconds copying part, or even all, of the merchant's website, pasting it to their site and calling it done.

That may be easy, but it does nothing to generate sales. Most likely, Google will never show the page to anyone. As an affiliate your job is not to be the merchant, but to pre-sell the product or service so that when someone visits the merchant's page they are more inclined to buy. This can be done by highlighting certain points, providing examples, and otherwise complementing the merchant's sales page.

3. Own the Product or Use the Service

From the graphics you use and words you write a reader should be able to tell you subscribe to AWeber - without you needing to say so. Many affiliates never own or use the products they promote. The result is they cannot create their own graphics from screen shots. They cannot tell their own story about using the product and getting results.

Heck, they cannot effectively talk about the product because they have no idea what they are talking about. All they have is the merchant's sales page. Those types of reviews are generally not very effective. Prove you're a trusted authority by establishing your personal use of the product.

4. Lengthy Text

The days of the 400 word article are long gone. Consider twice that length to be the minimum number of words to have for a review page. Write it, then go back and keep adding sections and content until it is at least 1000 words. Google likes content and can view more words as meaning a more authoritative presentation is taking place. You need to get beyond 400 word content pieces if you want to rank.

5. Hidden Affiliate Links

There is no dispute that Google hates affiliate sites. The obvious solution? Don't let Google see any affiliate links. This is not something like "pretty links" or a redirect. Google simply follows the link and sees your affiliate code. I use Elf Links ( for WordPress blog posts to keep Google from knowing I am an affiliate.

This is always good for a search ranking boost.

Frankly, I have no idea what I would do without hiding affiliate links. I cannot over emphasize enough how important this is to making money as an affiliate.

6. Believe in the Product

You must show your passion and how much you believe in the product you are promoting. It is not simply a "review" but a "recommendation" from you to someone else, that there is a product worth buying. If you have any doubt about how to write, then capture in your mind one person you are writing to. An ideal prospect. Then write to them individually as if you were talking to them in your living room. If it helps, imagine recommending a product to your mom. Promote quality products you use and you believe in, and not every affiliate product that gets released on an hourly basis.

7. Keywords

Finally, a keyword rich title and then make sure your targeted keyword is not stuffed throughout the page, but is mentioned a couple times.

A Double-Agent is someone you think is working for X, but in fact they are working for X's competitor. In the land of politics and spies it means someone working for you is really working for the enemy. The technique can be surprisingly powerful when marketing because it involves stealth and leads a prospect to making a decision that they believe they are making. In reality, you are pulling the strings and leading them down a path to the decision you want them to make.

Here is how it works when a parent is trying to convince their child to do something, but they know their child will reject the option if they openly suggest it: the parent uses a proxy or third party the child trusts to influence the child. Or, the parent in the context of discussing X uses that to convince their child to do Y.

For example, if a parent tells their child to buy a Toyota the child may reject Toyotas because they want to make their own decision and anything recommended by their parents must be old and fuddy-duddy. So instead, the parent has a friend their child trusts to recommend buying a Toyota. The child has no idea the person they trust is a double-agent actually working for her parents. Or, the parent talks about a Hollywood article mentioning the three cars celebrities buy the most are Porsches, Corvettes, and the Prius. Since a Porsche and Corvette are clearly out of budget the child decides they want a Prius. Mission accomplished. The parent has been their own double-agent using mind tricks by selecting an influence that works on the child (be like a celebrity), in the context of a pre-selected range of products (Porsche, Corvette, Prius), to convince the purchase of the Toyota. Applying this to marketing and affiliate promotions can get a little naughty, so use what you are comfortable with.

The Double-Agent Review Site

If you see the domain and it is an affiliate site, you will almost certainly see a positive review of acme with a link to buy acme products. Isn't this the way virtually all affiliate sites work with such domains? It is plainly obvious what is happening and the site is hardly persuasive to anyone with half a brain. We have all seen them - affiliate sites with thin promotions of the product in the domain name - which are targeting free SEO traffic due to an "Exact Match Domain" or having the product name in the domain name. If acme does not have an affiliate program then it doesn't have affiliates registering domains like this.

Now consider this, what if reviewed acme and AWeber, and a fair comparison review of features indicated AWeber was the better product? Oooh. Now you have a site that at first blush is promoting acme, but it is really siphoning off prospects and sending them to buy AWeber instead. It's a double-agent site. Since acme does not have an affiliate program the door is wide open with little to no competition for an enterprising affiliate to target these types of keywords and grab commissions. Let me reword how this works to make sure you understand this powerful concept: since acme does not have affiliates no one is doing review sites for the product. There is no incentive to do so. That leaves the door open for you to create such a site, but your comparison of features shows AWeber is the superior product. You have an affiliate link to AWeber. It is easier SEO traffic since no one else is targeting acme. This is a sneaky tactic you can use over and over for many products. 

For example, I have a website that is #1 in Google for the name of an adult product + review. On the website I review, compare, and contrast the product to another product that is better, and for which I make commissions. Getting the number one ranking in Google was super easy due to the lack of competition.

I do a fair review, with truthful comparisons, and use that to divert traffic to the product I want someone to buy. The strategy works great.

The Controlled Product Review Site

What if you owned acme so you could control its features and its prices, so that a comparison review with AWeber would lead people to choose AWeber? If someone actually bought your product you could also make money that way. It is a win-win.

Here is how this works …

There are numerous autoresponder scripts online, including ones purporting to allow you to create your own AWeber-type autoresponder service. Some also have resell rights. As a general rule, they are garbage scripts. Do a search for something like: autoresponder resell script You will see plenty of options, and almost all of them are garbage. Which is what you want. What happens if you get one of these online service scripts, or one with resell rights, and compare it to AWeber? Don't you think your review would favor AWeber? Of course it would. You have a crap product and AWeber is a professional service.

To help make sure this works they way you want, what if you sold the garbage script for an outrageous price like $300 that no one is going to pay? Well, suddenly you made the AWeber alternative look a lot better and increased the likelihood someone will buy through your affiliate link. If someone should buy your product you can mention in the members area when your product is good to use, and suggest AWeber for other purposes. Your customers can own or subscribe to more than one autoresponder! You can also have more than one website, selling a product under multiple names.

For example, if you are reselling an autoresponder script you could it called acme autoresponder, and wolf autoresponder, and violet autoresponderall with different prices on different sites! You can also have a review site comparing acme, wolf, violet, and AWeber, with AWeber coming out on top. Again, this type of sneaky tactic is not for everyone. You are comparing Product X with AWeber, but by controlling Product X, including its price, you are setting it up to fail and to make AWeber look like an ever better option.

Most email lists and newsletters suck.

Big companies, small companies, it doesn't matter. It is painfully obvious why so many business emailed newsletters leave a lot to be desired. It comes down to one big problem: One list is used for mailings to different types of customers. One list tries to handle both prospects and buyers. Consider this very common approach …

A sign up page, or squeeze page, is used to collect email addresses into a sales funnel. The purpose of the funnel, and subsequent autoresponder messages, is to convince the prospect to buy a product.

But what happens after they buy the product?

Does is make sense to continue emailing prospect messages? Of course not. Instead of messages being sent to a prospect you want messages being sent to an actual customer.

The person has moved from prospect to customer so you should now be sending different types of messages to that person. You want to reward them for being a customer. Or, a business wants to reward a customer for taking a certain course of action, or have premium or gold level customer levels. That's great, but one list is not going to carry the water distinguishing between prospects, regular customers, and premium level customers. If anything, sending the same message to each category of customer will anger the premium level customers who want, naturally, premium level messages and not to be treated as prospects or regular customers.

If someone buys the product you have been trying to get them to buy, but you keep sending them prospect messages, you look, frankly, stupid. The obvious solution to this marketing problem is for a buyer to subscribe to a buyers list and automatically be unsubscribed from the prospect list. Or, for a gold level customer to subscribe to receive gold level messages and to automatically be unsubscribed from receiving regular customer messages.

Make sense?

The problem is that hardly any email services can do this type of list automation. The result is businesses are stuck with one list trying to serve different types of customers. Don't even think about trying to create different lists, manually reviewing them every so often looking for duplicates, trying to figure out who an email belongs to, and manually culling customers from prospect lists or gold level customers from prospect and regular customer lists. It is a freakin' nightmare. It is the opposite of the time-saving automation an autoresponder is supposed to provide.

AWeber has a very cool solution called list automation.

It is a feature of obvious benefit to businesses: when a prospect does buy you want to move them from a prospect list to a customer list.

But get this …

Hardly anyone knows about this incredible automation option. Good luck finding it on AWeber's list of features. Good luck finding it on AWeber's sales page as something a business would find valuable and thus should use AWeber.

(This is another reason why affiliates are foolish to rely solely on merchant sales pages.)

Here is a page buried in AWeber's help section showing how the list automation works:

Even better for you as an affiliate, there are only a couple autoresponder or newsletter services available which can do this. All of them are much more expensive than AWeber. The closest is at least twice as expensive. One is 10x more expensive.

This is AWeber's super cool USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that hardly anyone knows about. Critical list automation so your business isn't standing there looking stupid to its best customers, for the best price in the world. Virtually every business can use and profit from this type of list segmentation and automation. In a few pages you will see a chart in this report called Comparing Affiliate Opportunities. Two of the columns in the chart list the price of the autoresponder and whether it does automation. The "automation" refers to this list changing feature. You will see hardly anyone offers automation. Of the services that do, AWeber is by far the least expensive. As an affiliate, all you have to do is ask a business if they want to keep emailing someone prospect messages trying to get them to buy a product, after they have bought it?

Of course not. So they need AWeber. It's a no-brainer decision.

How it works is the business has a signup form, their squeeze page to get prospects. After a purchase is made the buyer is offered another signup form, perhaps with bonuses thanking them for their purchase, and that will automatically unsubscribe them from the prospect list. Slick!

Tip: This type of USP can be found for other products and be used by an affiliate even if the merchant doesn't realize the gold they are sitting on. I once did this same thing for a health product and quickly became their #1 affiliate. Unfortunately, the seller was so impressed they ripped-off my promotion and used it on their site - which was even less cool when they later closed the affiliate program to keep all the money.

Fortunately, AWeber is not going to do that do you. Instead, AWeber will reward you with lifetime, recurring commissions. If you take the time to evaluate and think about every product feature, and how it can benefit a buyer, and how you can uniquely promote that as an affiliate, profitable doors will open for you. I have said this a few times now, but it does help to actually own or use a product and to really put it through its paces trying this and that.

Virtually all email newsletter providers enable a user to send emails to their subscribers. An email is prepared and out it goes. Autoresponders automate the process of sending a repetitive sequence of messages to a subscriber. For instance, after subscribing a message is sent one day later, another message is sent a week later, a third message sent two weeks later, and so on. The sequence of messages can be prepared in advance so you do not manually have to remember to send each message to each subscriber. If you have a lot of subscribers this would be impossible to accomplish, so a sequential autoresponder like AWeber is critical to have.

Side note: some newsletter providers advertise they have an "autoresponder", but what it means is a user subscribers and one message is automatically sent in response. It is similar to a "vacation response" you can set up with an email program to let someone know you are away from the office. Yes, that is technically an autoresponder and auto-sent message. The value of an "autoresponder" service like AWeber is the ability to pre-schedule a sequence of messages to be sent, thus saving you an incredible amount of time. AWeber has a third feature and this feature is the ability to schedule messages to be sent on a specific date.

For example, on May 1st you schedule a message to be sent on October 21st to everyone on your list. With an autoresponder sequence of messages, the messages are scheduled to be sent a set number of days after the person subscribes. Thus, if we have messages set to be sent 1, 7, and 14 days after a signup this happens:

Jack subscribes on January 1st. He then receives the messages on January 2nd, January 8th, and January 15th. Jill subscribes on February 14th. She receives the same messages on February 15th, February 21st, and February 28th.

This is nice, but not very flexible, and not very helpful at all for advertising special deals.

Consider how most businesses advertise by looking at the ads in your paper. As a holiday approaches the business advertises several days in advance. For example, for July 4th a business may want to advertise a special offer three days in advance on July 1st.

For a Halloween email campaign a business may want to send promotions 30 days before Halloween, two weeks in advance, a week in advance, and then a final offer for last minute shoppers offering overnight shipping two days in advance.

These types of deals, which almost every business in the world can offercannot be scheduled with a sequential autoresponder.

Although many newsletter services also let you schedule emailings in advance, it is such an under-utilized and understood feature it is worth promoting. AWeber's date set feature can be used like a backwards autoresponder. You pick a date and then schedule messages to be sent before that date. It is an incredible feature buried on the AWeber site. Hardly anyone uses it because no one knows about. Those that see it do not recognize its power. This is where, as an affiliate marketer, you can step in: you explain how this feature can be used, how this feature can make businesses money, and how it is quickly and easily done in AWeber.

Who cares if this basic scheduling also be done with other services. You can still promote it for AWeber. * Critically, this basic scheduling PLUS the USP of automated list segmenting and subscribing gives AWeber users the unique opportunity to send targeted, profitable messages to their users.

Remember to vist to get your keyword lists, which includes many different autoresponder products.

Here is a list of competitive autoresponder services, affiliate commissions, pricing comparisons, and whether some list automation is possible. You can use this information to better create your site and promote AWeber as the only reasonably priced service and at the same time make, in my experience, the most money.

Product Commissions Monthly Pricing for 2500 Subscribers Automation:

AWeber 30% recurring $29 Yes

Mail Chimp None $30 No

iContact $125 flat payment $29 No

Constant Contact $105 flat payment $60 No

InfusionSoft $500 flat payment $199 Yes

GetResponse 33% recurring $15 No

1ShoppingCart $250 flat payment $59 Yes

Campaign Monitor None $49 No

Ontraport 25% recurring $297 Yes

Here are some additional ideas how I have used or considered to promote the service. The possibilities are endless and seeing what I have thought of may get your creative juices going for ideas to build from and create even better angles.

List Automation for 90% off!

Is that a good deal or what? Look at the prior table again. All you have to do is compare monthly prices of the autoresponders with list automation features where a customer can be moved from list to list. AWeber is about 90% cheaper than Ontraport.

This is how you can tell a prospect to get list automation by 90% off. Instead of paying for an outrageously expensive, and relatively new service, get the same technology for 90 percent less by choosing AWeber, which is also a more established company.

Don't Lose Your List to a Hacker or Computer Crash

You know your email list is one of the most important assets you have. But it only takes one hacker or computer crash to wipe it out. Join a hundred thousand other businesses and trust your list with the oldest email company, AWeber.

Do You Know if Mary Read Your Emailed Promotion?

You never have to worry with AWeber. With its state of the art statistics you can drill down into each email campaign you send and not only see how many messages are opened, but who opens them.

Blog and Email at the Same Time

How would you like to write a post to your blog and automatically have it emailed to your list? You can with AWeber's incredible RSS to email feature. Now you can blog and not worry about someone coming to your website to read your words of wisdom. Send the post to your list with this unique, time-saving feature.

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