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Who Started Multiple Streams Of Income?

By Olu Joseph

This is one of the questions that came to my mind and I started pondering over it. Who was the first person?

Was it aristotle or Plato
Was it the Ancient Greeks or Egyptians
Was it The British, Europeans or Americans?
Was it the proverbial Africans?
Was it Christians, Muslims, Hindus or other religious sects?

I even thought maybe it was invented in Harvard Business School or Cambridge University.

Friends, it was never any of the above.

No! No! No!

None of these could have done it though they were great thinkers but they did not discover or invent the strategy of multiple streams of income.

In fact my research shows that it was invented and started a long time ago even before all these great thinkers were born.

Finally, I discovered the answer.

God was the one that started it all.

God planted and designed a garden that must be constantly fed with water so that it can keep its lushness and
evergreen colour. Moreso, that all the living creatures in the garden can get supply from the garden and remain alive.

God put the Man inside the garden of eden so that Man can have pleasant food and other supplies.

So, God set up 4 different Rivers to keep the garden with constant flow of water. (Get a Bible and read Genesis 2: 8 -15)

He set up 4 multiple streams of water to keep all the living things alive in the garden.

Guys, why did i bring this revelation up?

Everyone should operate minimum of 4 multiple streams of income.

Engage in additional products and services, businesses, charity, affiliate programs and help more people realise their dreams.

The more you do it, the more you will get satisfied with your life.

Thank God that He started it all. You too can operate multiple streams of income.

Remain blessed

Olu Joseph
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