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The title of this article neednít confuse you, as this is not the article about anything dealing with the historical facts of India. You will learn what this article is all about when you are reading it!!

As I am pen(cil)ning my first article, should I say, I am thinking about the documentary shown in one of the BBC channels, which has aroused me to write this one. I live in London at present, with my husband who works for a Software Company. I have a luxury of browsing through my TV channels leisurely, as I am a house wife. I was doing so in the evenings of last week, when a documentary caught my attention. I didnít notice the title of the program as I joined the list of viewers only in the middle of the program ( Never bothered to find out afterwards too, as only the content of the program matters and not the title of the documentary!) . This documentary pictured some very interesting facts, which made me write this article.

Well, before entering into the documentary and the information that it offered, I would like to let you know about certain things in the health system which is prevalent in Britain. Those who were in Britain please apologise me for this explanation! This explanation is meant to people who are not aware about the system. Residents of Britain have to pay a Council tax every month . A part of the Council Tax will go towards their health care, which is offered for free to the people except for the medicines. The health system in Britain is called the NHS and to avail your health check-ups free, one has to enrol into the NHS. On the other hand private health services are far too expensive here.

Coming back to the documentary which led to this article, the program threw light upon the fact that some patients in Britain have to wait for a longer time to even get their surgery done (as long as 4-5 months!) and so they are travelling abroad to get their surgeries done wherein they get very quick appointments. Wait...wait and wait....I can hear you moaning ď Oomph another article to criticise! When are you people going to get satisfied??Ē Some people might even be thinking ďAn article with criticism again? For a difference, a foreign system is being criticised . Thatís it and nothing elseĒ. If you are thinking in these corners of the grass then SORRY! This article is meant to be totally different! There is yet another corner of the grass too, which people have ignored, or didnít even knew that it existed.

This article is going to talk about the doctors who are living and practising in India, getting a great applause worldwide, for their excellent treatment , facilities they offered to the patients and their care towards them. The documentary actually focussed on people who actually couldnít get an appointment soon for their surgery through NHS ( This happens only in a few cases here! Thanks for the good system in Britain. We will have to accept that every system will have its own flaws.) travelling to the developing countries like India and Belgium, to get their surgery done.

The documentary focusssed on two patients from Britain, one for the hip replacement surgery, and the other with the spinal injury travelling to India for the surgery to be done.They had waited as long as 4-5 months and their health was deteriorating at the rate that the patient with the diagonised hip replacement for half of his hip had to undergo his full hip replacement surgery in India because of his long wait in Britain. Those patients fell head on heels in love with the treatment received from India , that the person who came here for the hip replacement surgery had his treatment for dentures done here too! Their surgeries were performed in the Apollo Hospitals, Delhi and hats off to the team of doctors who had worked on them, the patients were full of praise about the doctors and everything about their surgery. Their surgeries were a complete success inspite of the complications involved as they didnít get an appointment soon in Britain and the patient with the spinal injury was able to walk to his school back in Britain from his home after several months, which he wouldnít have even imagined before his surgery. The patients when interviewed said that, they not only received the appointment for the surgery quickly, but also received an excellent care and the quality of treatment.

They couldnít imagine something like this in Britain wherein there were so many doctors here visiting them regularly, enquiring about how they are feeling everyday etc., and they say that the treatment is very inexpensive as much as 1/4th the cost of Britainís surgical expenses. This included the cost of their stay in the hospital in India.

The documentary showed that the patients appreciated their surgery in India and were very much satisfied with the technology, the quality of the treatment offered to them and the nursing care at a much too affordable price! For these things to happen who else can we thank other than our doctors? Hats Off to them!

On the other hand the documentary which spotted the positive edge of the technology and the service which we offer to the patients worldwide , also focussed on the fact of our poverty line and the people below the poverty line, trying to get the access to our health system. There was a good mention saying that there are a few plenty of doctors working for charity , getting involved with free treatments to the people who are in need. (There was also a negative note saying that the number of doctors who do these charity treatments are very very less, but I didnít want to mention too much about it as this article is meant to be a positive note to the people that how the world has started looking upon us.)

The documentary also showed a British patient , who travelled to Belgium to get his knee surgery done. His surgery went wrong and has returned back to the care of NHS in Britain. Here again, I am not blaming about the system in Belgium, as failures are more pronounced outside than the victories and no system is flawless. I mentioned this because, there was not a chance given by our doctors to show something like that could happen in India, which speaks about their talent and dedication. People and professionals like them are the ones who put India into the world map.

This article is a tribute to those be it , the IT professionals, who drew us in the world map in terms of economy, sporting legends, the doctors like these , whohad made the people worldwide turn towards India for their healthcare and to show that India is second to none in this field, and to the endless list of people who had sculpted India to the globe.

I , as a true Indian was very proud and happy that the vision about India is completely changing in the eye of the world. People who are complaininí, start thinkiní. There are only a few holes to be cemented and no one can stop India from marching towards becoming one of the dream countries in the world!

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