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Network Marketing Training- Who Are the Best MLM Small Business Prospects and Why?

By Doug Firebaugh

MLM Training- The MLM Success Secrets to the Best Small Business Prospects for Network Marketing

by Doug Firebaugh

There is a virtual Gold Mine out in the marketplace for network marketing and MLM that is being virtually ignored by most folks.

These folks have 5 things they bring to MLM that can prove to be absolutely invaluable:

1) Contacts around the country.

2) Existing clients.

3) Experience in the marketplace.

4) Exposure, credibility, and visibility to a lot of folks.

5) Capital that can purchase products.

Many of these folks are looking for other sources of revenue, as they are entrepreneurs, and understand the concept of multiple streams of income and revenues, which are available in Network Marketing.

Ok, who are these gold mines?

The Small Business Professional.

And this Gold mine is endless as far as potential, possibilities, contacts, sales, and profit.

We all need to get into our warm market, and rarely is a warm market totally exhausted. Most people never call on a third of their warm market. That is an industry fact.

But we ALL know small business professionals in our warm market, and they are a lot of times very willing to take a look at a "secondary revenue source".

Let me ask you some questions:

Who do you purchase things from on a regular basis?

Who do you buy your insurance from?

Who did you buy your real estate from?

Who do you purchase your groceries from?

These are just a few of the folks we do business with that can be a gold mine in network marketing.


Small business owners are looking how to expandand enlarge their current business and profits, and MLM has proven to be a greart source of income for the right business owner.

Who would be some small business professionals?

1) Print Shop Managers/Owners.
2) Book Store Managers/ Owners
3) Restaurant Manager/ Owner
4) CPA
5) Attorney
6) Stock Broker
7) Jewelry Store Manager/Owner
8) Service Station Owner
9) Local Pharmacy owner
10) Grocery Store Owner/ manager
11) Book keepers
12) Fitness Trainers
13) Health Professionals
14) Medical professionals
15) Consultants

The List is endless. Everywhere you look is a potential Gold Mine for your MLM business. Look in the yellow pages, and the Chamber of Commerce.You will be shocked how large the market really is.

The average city has literally hundreds and even thousands of small business owners, and they all have one thing in common:

Wanting to enlarge and multiply profits.


Try to stay within the range of 10- 25 employees to start off. This is a good number and usually the owner is in a position to make the decisions without a lot of red tape.

Start contacting the small business owners you know, and ask for their help. Ask them to take a look at your Network marketing products and services, and consider making them available to their employees at a discount. Ask if you could do a mini seminar at their place of business after hours.

And then run the idea past them of having a secondary revenue source themselves with your products.

We were blessed to recruit hundreds of small business owners in our group, and it really was easy, once you got your first one.

They brought in the rest into MLM and Network Marketing.


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About the author:
Doug Firebaugh is one of the top MLM Network Marketing Trainers in the world. Over a million people a month
read his training ezine. He spent the last 7 years traveling the world speaking and training on Success.
He lives in Birmingham Michigan, and you can receive a
FREE subscription to his training ezine- The MLM
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