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How To Use Ad Tracking Software For Name Branding

By Denny Hay

You probably already know that ad tracking software is the 'life-blood' of any successful online business. Knowing exactly where your visitors, buyers and subscribers are coming from can save you boat-loads of wasted advertising dollars.

But, whose name are you branding in your ad tracking links?

If you're using an online ad tracking service, more than likely it'll be their name in your urls. These types of links shout "I'm tracking you!". And nobody likes to be tracked. Resulting in limited clicks on your ad.

Or, if you use an url shrinking service, your ad tracking urls will be disguised behind their name. Such as, This leaves a potential visitor wondering what you're trying to hide. You could have a very powerful ad, building anticipation to the very end. Then, BAM! Your link says nothing about who you are or what you're offering them. This is a major 'turn-off'. Again, resulting in limited clicks on your ad.

Yes it's true, ad tracking urls are generally long, cryptic and just plain ugly. So, you need some way to make them look presentable and click-friendly in any type of advertising situation.

One key ingredient of professional ad tracking software, is the ability to cloak your ad tracking urls to make them click-friendly. With the ability to create good looking ad tracking links containing your name or your company name, you'll see a substantial increase in click-thrus on your ads.

To brand your name while using ad tracking software, simply setup a website with your name (or your business name) as the domain name. For instance, mine would be Install your ad tracking software on this website. Then track all of your advertising campaigns for all of your products, or affiliate products, from this one location.

By doing this, you can create ad tracking links like the following examples, that look like just another page on your website. And the visitor won't even know they're being tracked.

Or, possibly, for affiliate links:

Now, when you promote something with this type of ad tracking link, even if you don't make an immediate profit, you'll be branding your name. In the future, when you launch a product or run a promotion, your name will be recognized, creating a feeling of trust that would not normally be there, and it will increase your sales.

Plus, other marketers will be more receptive to your joint venture proposals, because they will notice your activity and remember your name.

If you're serious about being successful with your business, start telling people who you are by branding your name or your business name in your ad tracking links. And get all the visitors you deserve.

About the author:
Denny Hay is the founder of He's ready to show you how easy it is to track everything.

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