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How I Generated More Revenues Without Having a Sale!

By Al Hanzal

How I Generated More Revenue Without Having a Sale!

You want more revenue and you want it fast. The marketing experts tell you to “create a compelling offer.” You immediately think “Sale.”

You wonder how big the sale should be. How much can I afford to give away before the sale starts costing me money? How will I word the sale materials so customers don’t take advantage of me? The worries start and you realize you have a huge task to pull off this sale and generate real revenue.

Unfortunately, in our crowded market place, a compelling offer has become synonymous with a “sale.” There are other, better alternatives to motivate customers to buy from you.

This article will show you six options that will accomplish your goal of getting more revenues. These options will build a stronger relationship with your customers that the sale will not accomplish.

The Limitations of the “Sale”

The fundamental problem with most sales is that they are good for the business but not necessarily good for the customer.

A sale usually starts with a business problem you want your customers to solve for you. You need more cash. You have excess inventory. You need to meet sales quotas. You want to get ready for new merchandise. Your sale is asking the customer to solve your business problem.

There will always be customers who don’t mind being used. Their agenda coincides with your agenda. Quid pro quo.

When you create your offering around something they really value, however, they look on your offering differently. It becomes more than just a customer transaction. It is the start or the continuation of a relationship that will result in sales now and in the future. The customer’s primary concern is always how the product or service benefits them and makes their life better.

Six Alternative Offerings

Structure your offering around customer convenience and you have a motivation that does not require sales or discounts. At my daughter’s school recently, the uniform company came to the school to sell uniforms. The parent’s alternative was to drive 30 miles into the city to purchase the uniforms at the company’s store. Parents were lined up forty deep to purchase the uniforms at regular prices. This store made convenience a motivator for the parents to shop.

Enhance Your Expertise

If your customers are buying your expertise, by enhancing that know-how you give them additional motivation to buy your product or service. Suppose you were in the copywriting business. You announce to your customers that you had just completed a copywriting campaign that generated thousands of dollars for a particular business. Customers now see doing business with you as even more desirable. No discounts; no sales!

Self-Esteem and Praise from Others

Those who market golf equipment say the main motivation for customer purchases is praise from others. “Great shot, Bob. You’re really driving the ball well!” If your product or service involves these types of motivations, repackage your offering to foster self-esteem and praise from others. It has more power than a sale!

Tapping into Social Issues (Idealism)

I recently worked with an acupuncture clinic. This form of Chinese medicine can heal many ailments and injuries. We chose to focus their acupuncture marketing on the treatments on athletic injuries because of the current scandals involving the use of harmful drugs and steroids. We presented their offering as a safe and natural alternative to more harmful drugs. By presenting an ideal alternative to a current social issue, no sale or discount was required. You can appeal to your customer’s idealism.


People want to be part of the “in-group.” They want acceptance. By repackaging your offering to emphasize the popularity of your product or service, you give people another motive for wanting to buy from your business.


Scarcity is another motive that drives customers. It can be expressed in limited product or service quantities; limited editions; selective lines of products; preferred customer programs; limited time; or taking advantage of opportunities. There is some greed in all of us. If we feel we are going to lose out, we get very motivated.


This article has shown you six alternatives to generate more revenue that don’t involve a sale. When you need a compelling offer, start with the motivations that drive your customers to buy from you and then emphasize these motivations. You will find these motives are just as effective as a sale. They will also help you build a better relationship with your customers because you’re doing it for them!

If you want to learn more about how to repackage your offerings and other successful marketing tools, go to If you want a free follow up report on how to create new offers, send me an email at the following address: . Put in the subject line, “Free Report on Offerings”. I will send you a free report.

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