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Hidden Way To Increase Your Adsense Revenue - Your Newsletter

By Christopher Smith

So many web site owners miss the easiest and best opportunity to increase sales. In a rush to put up as many sites as possible in the vain hopes of generating Adsense revenue, they miss the opportunity to increase sales by not having a newsletter.

Far too many sites are being created with poor content, leaving visitors to continue wandering from site to site looking for good, solid, knowledgeable content.

If you have good content, you likely have some expertise that your visitors will want know more about. Why not set up a newsletter so you can share your expertise with others, and increase your adsense revenue at the same time?

If you are worried that you're not a writer, you're not alone. Just think of it as writing a quick note to a friend. You are sharing some information with a friend of yours. Your subscribers are like your friends.

Its key to now provide your "friends" with some valuable content. Since you are likely passionate about your field of expertise, your enthusiasm will come out, and your subscribers will be motivated. As an expert in your field, you can provide your newsletter subscribers with information that they can use. How do you increase your adsense revenue with this opportunity?

Give them a teaser! By giving them a paragraph or two, and then leading them to your web site, you can get them interested in more information, which your advertisers may be able to provide for them. If they are motivated by your valuable content, they will click on the ads, thus

increasing your adsense revenue.

If you have a list of the top paying keywords ( or are two that we use), you can easily find words that you can use for your site. Create sticky content that is optimized around these top paying keywords, and both you and your visitor can benefit. Your visitor gets useful content, and you can increase your Adsense revenue. A win / win.

Another opportunity that your subscribers can provide you is an outlet to sell affiliate products. As an expert in your field, your subscribers will follow your suggestions. This provides an excellent opportunity to increase your affiliate sales.

This opportunity comes with a responsibility though to your subscribers.

If you develop a relationship with your subscribers, you will build on your credibility and trust. One of the biggest complaints of most people surfing the internet is the question of integrity and trust of the information they have in front of them. If you can develop that trust, and keep that trust, your subscribers stay with you.

Its very easy to betray that trust. Once you do, they are gone, and so is your opportunity.

How can you lose this trust so easily? If your subscribers feel that you are pushing products on them, instead of helping them, they will unsubscribe. If the information that you are providing is not valued to the subscriber, they will unsubscribe.

Your subscribers have entered into a relationship with you based on trust. If you treat that relationship with trust, you'll find that your subscribers are more than happy to help you get rich!

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